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Who we are


The Luigino Molon Winery is a family-run business that is very much focused on creating products that are of a consistently high quality, with a view to achieving the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

The secret lies in the passion of every member of the family, who all work with commitment and dedication towards achieving the best possible wines to offer their friends and customers.

The pursuit of quality has always been our winery's primary objective, and this endeavour is very much facilitated by the fact that the soil here is perfect for the cultivation of vines. We are located on the plain, close to the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic coast, and just a short distance from the Dolomites.

We are situated inside the DOC Piave, DOC Venezia and DOC Prosecco appellation zones. The fact that our winery forms part of 3 DOC zones simultaneously demonstrates just how ideal the local soil is for the cultivation of high-quality wines!

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